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Rental Application Instructions

Residential Lease Application Form

Employment Verification Form

Residency Verification Form

Tenant Agency Form

Dual Agency Form 



PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN ITS ENTIRETY AS IT EXPLAINS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!! Read all of the information below before calling in with questions. If you have a question, it is likely answered below. 


Please have each Tenant/Occupant over the age of 18 who will be living in the unit and any Co-Signer fill out and return the rental application paperwork and all supporting documentation.

If you are applying to a rental unit in River City, current River City Rules state that there can be no more that 2- persons per bedroom in any unit in that building. If you have a small child then you will need an approval from the River City HOA Board/Property Management.

Submit the following lease terms along with your application:
1.     Lease start date
2.     Lease end date
3.     Monthly rent amount
4.     Security Deposit amount (typically equal to 1-month rent)
5.     If you are applying to a rental unit in River City, acknowledgement that tenant/applicant is                aware and will be paying the $250 move in fee, $100 lease registration fee prior to move in              and the move out fee $250 prior to move out.
6.     Any other requests for the owner. 

Each tenant/occupant over the age of 18 and co-signer/guarantor will need to fill out a complete rental application per the instructions below.

EACH APPLICANT will need to fill out the following rental application forms as completely as possible and sign each one:
1.  Residential Lease Application
2.  Request for Employment Verification
3.  Request for Residency Verification


DO NOT LEAVE ANY BLANK SPACES or the application will be returned to applicant.
If an item does not apply then put N/A.

Please remit all of rental application paperwork and rental application fee of $50 for each lessee/tenant/occupant (over 18) and each guarantor/co-signer. A Criminal Background Check is required by the owner. Please add $25 to for each lessee/tenant/occupant (over 18) and each guarantor/co-signer. The total fee is $75 per applicant. CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. You can sign up to transfer the monies below via Chase Quick Pay/(now called ZELLE). If you do not have a Chase account then go to https://www.clearxchange.com to sign up for money transfers between Chase Bank and other Banks. Use this email address (bret@bretderrickson.com). The money will be transferred into the Urban Aire Realty corporate bank accounts. Use this email address (bret@bretderrickson.com).

You can also use PayPal. If you use PayPal be sure use the "Send to Friends and Family" either in the US or internationally depending on your situation. No fees are involved using this service. If you choose to use "Pay for Goods or Services" you will need to add a 3% transaction fee to cover the fee that PayPal will charge. Use this email address (bret@bretderrickson.com). The money will be transferred into the Urban Aire Realty corporate bank accounts and disbursed to the appropriate parties.

The rental application forms will be processed once all of the applicable application fee(s) have been received.


I will also need a clear COLOR copy of a valid driver's license, state issued photo ID or Passport from each ant, co-signer and occupant. Please email a copy of the photo ID to  bret@bretderrickson.comDo not fax photo IDs.

If the applicant is a STUDENT please forward a copy of any School Enrollment Paperwork, any Financial Aid Award Letter(s), and any Student Loan Disbursements paperwork. If the student is an international student, please submit the Department of Justice I-20 Form. Unemployed students will typically need a Co-signer or Guarantor such as a parent. You will also need to submit copy of Latest Bank Statement where you are keeping your funds to pay for school and living expenses.

If the applicant is EMPLOYED please forward a copy of each applicant's 2-most recent consecutive pay stubs and job acceptance/appointment letter.If your company used a 3rd Party Verifier such as “The Work Number” you will be charged for the cost of the Income and Employment verification service.

If the applicant is SELF-EMPLOYED then please submit a CPA Yearly Statement or Profit/Loss Statement from QuickBooks or other accounting software for past 2-years, 1099 Forms for past 2-years, Federal Tax Returns for past 2-years.

If the applicant is UNEMPLOYED/RETIRED please forward a copy of each applicants PROOF OF FUNDS such as an official bank statement or other official asset account statement. Funds should be liquid, easily disbursed and sufficient to support applicant’s housing and living expenses for 1-year. This amount should be approximately 3 times the Gross Yearly Rent. Also submit every page of your last 2-Consecutive Months of Bank Statements in pdf format. If you have Social Security or other similar monthly income award/benefits please submit a copy of your Most Recent Award/Benefit Letter.

Email all forms if possible. If not fax all of the above forms to 312-265-6559. If you cannot email or fax then mail the required documents to the office address below.

Call me if you have any questions after you have read this email in it’s entirely.

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